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very important for us all to remember importance of removing the plaques only after they have started to lift, avoid  tearing off the plaques as this will tear off healty skin around the plaque areas and cause the area to become inflamed and take a much longer time to heal, it is a daily battle with plaque build up for all of us with this disease, but we have treatment that can help us, use the  evenly plus ointment only when the plaques are buiding up and after they are removed, use the  evenly plus roll on extreme moisturizer as much as needed for management of healthy skin until the cycle starts again, maintaining adequate moisturizing is essential at all times,  this is only a management plan until a cure is found, stay healthy and be well.

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I have severe P but started a diet change since early last year, most of my plaque is now gone but I still have stubborn patches on a few places, mainly on my lower back and lower legs. I have tried many OTC topicals in the past which only worked a little when I first started using them and that was when my P was in "mild" stages, can you tell me what separates your product from all of the others and why it may work for me when the others haven't please?

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As unique as we are, only you through trial and error will identify what  products work for you, this is a very confusing/complicated disease that still have medical professionals and scientist baffled, our natural approach I BELIEVE is what set us apart from the others, it not only includes a product but a PROGRAM PLAN, with proven results from real patients, whatever you choose i hope you find relief.

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