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because we know that psoriasis is closely linked to increase stress levels and internal inflamation associated with our diet it is important that use of heavily processed foods be limited and daily use of natural herbs be included in your diet, be it simple addition of using garlic,cilantro,culantro,spanish tyme, hot oregano,hot peppers , regular oregano,tumeric,ginger and cumin,all these ingredients have studies completed that has shown their function in reducing inflamation,stay well and remember we are here for you,have a happy day.

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Hello, can you tell if would be wise to Oregano supplement such as this and if so, recommended dosage please?


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Thanks for asking , it is highly recommended to use fresh herbs blended up to taste per our PROGRAM PLAN, our goal is that  natural fresh herbs are identifable within the body in a wholesome way and will promote healing.

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