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Maintaining your Happy.

Posted by evenlyplus on February 21, 2018 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (58)


 To keep the Happy you need the Evenly Plus Psoriasis Care treatment and plan to be part of your daily routine, apply to affected areas after skin is cleansed and pat dry, use as frequently as needed until you get the results you need and to maintain skin integrity. The reason you need daily use as frequently as needed is because these cells sheds within 2-4 days and is visible and builds up into unsightly Plaques. No one can appreciate the effectiveness and relief until you try it, stay well and healthy happy Psoriasis free skin.8)

Enhancing Our Body Healing Responses

Posted by evenlyplus on August 30, 2014 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (4)

Food intake  is the natural way to provide nourishment for our body,skin is our largest organ,when the skin is affected with Plaque build up,painful cracked skin & itching it causes frustration,anxiety,disgust& helplessness,finding what can help you is VITAL,monitor what triggers your symptoms,your main goal however is to keep the SKIN FREE from cracks,itching & Plaque build up,THIS will afford a HAPPIER OUTCOME,daily compliance is needed 2 achieve this goal,EXFOLIATE daily and massage in the Evenly Plus cream to keep IT supple ,apply as frequently as needed until your HAPPY STATE has been achieved,everyone response differently,Listen to your body needs,when we are hungry we eat,when our skin is dry&cracked from Psoriasis ONLY U can answer the call ,feed it with the nourishment&treatment  it needs,Evenly plus cream has the safe range of Proven Ingredients with Natures Oils to help you CONTROL YOUR PLAQUE PSORIASIS :)


Posted by evenlyplus on July 16, 2014 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Despite the tough burdens we continue to battle on a daily basis with keeping our Psoriasis under control we have to stay strong and discipline with maintaining good hydration/ nutrition,diet and exercise both mentally and physically.This disease forces us to dig deep to find our inner strenght that is within all of us to continue the fight to live healthy and happy lives,being open to options and combination of therapies to find what works for you will be an individual goal, the evenlyplus.com program plan & products allows a simple practical daily exercise that affords the affected skin to be FREE from Plaque Build up, Cracking,Bleeding,Itching and affords the body to USE NATURES OILS with all the healthful nutrients afforded by nature to help the body heal and continue the fight to help the body take CONTROL of your Plaque Psoriasis,your results depends on your compliance , the body needs an effective nutrition system,nerve conduction system and an exceptionally  effective disposal system for optimum health,using the evenly plus program with daily intake of fresh herbs,applying the evenly plus ointment &moisturizer and lymphatic stimulation affords a new start, please let us start and share this practical approach to help us MANAGE &CONTROL  Plaque Psoriasis until a cure is found.:)

effects of treatment

Posted by evenlyplus on June 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Every one no matter what path of treatment they choose reacts differently, one thing is common PSORIASIS SKIN REGENERATES about every 4 days unlike NORMAL SKIN about every 27 days, this is HUGE and makes controlling this disease a real challenge.Plaque build up do require continuous long term daily management that can add a huge burden to your lifestyle and increase frustration that allows us to become complacent and the vicious cycle starts all over again when we fall short, the evenlyplus.com program plan allows you to incoperate simple practical methods to help ease the frustration of dealing with the itching, pain, cracked skin, bleeding and flaking of PLAQUE PSORIASIS Compliance is key, as you continue to use the plan you will realise the benefit it offers you and the PEACE OF MIND & HEART that allows you to be much happier,a simple example of my day involves post gentle exfoliating in the  shower using a bath glove or soft washcloth .on damp skin I applly the evenly plus cream/ointment on all the affected Psoriasis skin and get on with my day,if during the day the areas start feeling dry or itchy I simply wet the area with water, and on damp skin I apply the treatment again as needed, you will see A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE,some areas take a longer time depending on location on the body affected to show improvement but rememember Psoriasis  and its symptoms can only be managed at this time and there is no cure.Do your research ,stay informed, make healthy lifestyle  choices and  let your main GOAL BE TO KEEP YOUR SKIN FREE from any type of injury, cracking, pain ,plaque build up and infection FREE.

Staying Informed

Posted by evenlyplus on June 1, 2014 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (4)

Multiple cultures and values allows us to react differently to diseases, with Psoriasis this is ever so evident with all of us, but as medical information are now available world wide on the internet I do believe understanding diseases and treatments are more apppreciated.Knowledge is power and arming your self with knowledge of your Psoriasis is key to management , since this mystery disease has no cure and treatment is not one size fit all, by using trial and error is the only way to find your right cocktail , it takes time ,strongwill,effort and persistentance to manage Psoriasis, do not be fooled, be wise , all we know is that it is an autoiimune disease with no cure that continues to baffle the medical & scientific community.The evenlyplus.com program plan encompasses a 3 step approach using natural oils, fresh herbs and lymphology  to manage the visual part of the symptoms that affects the skin,but coping also requires a lot of emotional and psychological support, blessings and more power to all who continue to work towards finding  a solution for this disease and those of us who live with it on a daily basis.

Life has no guarantees.

Posted by evenlyplus on May 5, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (2)

As we continue dealing everyday with the challenges life has to offer and how overwhelming  it can  become taking time out for rest and relaxation is important, STRESS SO FAR has been one of the main culprits in PSORIASIS FLARES , the good news is LAUGHTER so far has seem to have the biggest impact on us in a shorter space of time, with PSORIASIS, following the evenlyplus.com program plan and using relaxation techniques provides us with a sense of well being and calmness that allows us to feel the JOY of what life can really be like when we take time out, everyone should identify what brings them this calmness and pursue it until a cure for this auto immune disease Psoriasis is found, Happy Sunday to ALL.


Posted by evenlyplus on March 28, 2014 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

All therapies whether medical or therapeutic  for treating any CHRONIC CONDITION takes at least 6 weeks to see any active results, PSORIASIS healing and  treatment is no different, the MANAGEMENT AND STAFF AT  EVENLYPLUS PROGRAM PLAN is OFFERING A CHALLENGE to ALL  with PSORIASIS to the "GET STARTED CAMPAIGN"-purchase the combine pack of cream and moisturizer  on amazon.com , use  the ORDER NUMBER and register on our daily blog to WIN A 6 MONTH SUPPLY OF PRODUCTS WORTH $1000.00 at evenlyplus.com , THIS DISEASE has DEVASTATING effects physically, mentally , emotionally and financially , enter for yourself or someone you know with PSORIASIS and FEEL THE SATISFACTION knowing you helped that person TAKE CHARGE of this disease.There is NO MEDICAL CURE for this condition at this time, but there are options, for those who have not met criteria for biologics or have had failed treatments TRY THE EVENLYPLUS PROGRAM PLAN and see the difference, A PRACTICAL PLAN that involves FRESH HERBS, LYMPHATIC STIMULATION & EVENLYPLUS OINTMENT/CREAM AND MOISTURIZER.Good luck to all the GET STARTED CAMPAIGN RUNS FROM MARCH 27 th ------APRIL 7th , the finals results will be posted on OUR DAILY BLOG and will be EMAILED to you .:) 


Posted by evenlyplus on March 20, 2014 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Those with PSORIASIS will have difficulty controlling  itching most  times that can cause injury to the skin, tearing it and causing it to bleed, crack and open up a world for infections to step in, VERY IMPORTANT not to injure the  skin, if the need to itch is great it is recommended to use a soft damp wash cloth or an exfoliating glove under cool running water to achieve relief. Since the skin replaces itself every 3-4 days with PSORIASIS , it is important to exfoliate daily, apply the EVENLYPLUS OINTMENT /EXTREME MOISTURIZER  to PREVENT PLAQUE BUILD UP  and keep your skin moisturize and comfortable, there is no cure yet but you can take control and mange it daily, there is HOPE.:)


Posted by evenlyplus on March 15, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (3)

CHRONIC DISEASES need LONGTERM DAILY MANAGEMENT for us to live productive lives and not be burden down by the disease process, those of us with PSORIASIS NEED A SAFE LONG TERM  MANAGEMENT PLAN, the EVENLYPLUS PROGRAM PLAN & OINTMENT& EXTREME MOISTURIZER is able to provide needed nutrients & required ingredients to ACHIEVE this GOAL, this can OFFER US RELIEF of the frustrating symtoms that presents itself daily, the use of these products that hold the POWER of NATURAL OILS is INCREDIBLE especially in the MANAGEMENT of PSORIASIS &ECZEMAS  .:)


Posted by evenlyplus on March 13, 2014 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (1)

PSORIASIS needs to have a MANAGEMENT & TREATMENT PLAN, there is NO CURE or MAGIC SOLUTION  for PSORIASIS, daily exfoliation using a wash cloth or exfoliating bath gloves WITH daily USE of the EVENLYPLUS OINTMENT until the PLAQUES are removed then use of the EXTREME MOISTURIZER so far has proven to be very effective .VERY IMPORTANT to remember .NEVER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE PLAQUES IF THEY HAVE NOT LIFTED.The information on the evenlyplus.com website & program plan gives practical ways to assist with taking back control, increase your self esteem again, reduce the stress & anxiety associated with this disease. :)


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Topical Approach with power pack natures oils for the Treatment and Management of the skin symptoms of Plaque Psoriasis .